We support our local and digital communities

supporting starting, owning and expanding a small business. TAD2 is in a unique position having worked with USDA fostering trusting relationships with farmers/ranchers among Latino/Hispanic communities so they can be more profitable and focus on their business and value-add.

TAD measures “success” beyond numbers. It’s about our client’s prosperity in their businesses, being present in their homes, and feeling as dynamic individuals.


Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To be the organization of choice for entrepreneurs looking to grow and organizations and businesses who want to put diversity and inclusion at the center of their work.

Our Mission

To support businesses refine their internal practices to journey upwards holistically and cyclically; focusing on their diversity and inclusion, fiscal prosperity, their presence at home, and their personal professional lives in a journey of adapting, improving, and growing.

Who we Serve

Aspiring organizations that wish to grow their diversity and inclusion. Diversity and inclusion are interconnected but are two different concepts. Diversity focuses on the make-up of the organization and inclusion focuses on including the perspectives of the people into the organization.

Aspiring entrepreneurs who have a business idea and micro-entrepreneurs who have already started operations and are looking to grow their small business.

We support

Launching Businesses

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Growing Businesses

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Scaling Businesses

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Expanding Businesses

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