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TAD2 is in a unique position having worked with USDA fostering trusting relationships with farmers/ranchers among Latino/Hispanic communities so they can be more profitable and focus on their business and value-add.

"Our work is at the intersectionality of vulnerability and a deep commitment to the communities, histories, and long-term struggles to protect the Earth; we work by building relationships, trust and serving those who work and respect each other forming the basis of ecosystems."


Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To ensure social justice by providing access to nutritional foods to those experiencing food insecurities, access to workforce training, and incubator and accelerator programs (for profits and nonprofits).

Our Mission

To provide access to nutritional foods, workforce development training, and start-up and accelerator programs to participants to be able to adapt, improve, and grow holistically in their personal and professional lives.

Our Values

Who we Serve

People who are experiencing food insecurity

Para Llevar

Adults who are looking to skill-up

Workforce Development Trainings

Aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their business or nonprofit organization


Micro-entrepreneurs looking to grow their business or nonprofit organization


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