About Us

Who We Are

TAD2 is a non-profit consulting group made up of three organizations who have worked together on different past projects, including small business development and USDA Cooperative Agreements. We bring deep individual roots and an extensive network within the Latino/Hispanic communities in the DMV. TAD2 provides grant management and educational entrepreneurship, technical assistance and leadership programs to support aspiring, small and new business owners grow their businesses. TAD2 specializes in culturally responsive engagements, helping clients navigate the complexities of hiring culturally diverse individuals and


Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To be the organization of choice for entrepreneurs looking to grow and organizations and businesses who want to put diversity and inclusion at the center of their work.

Our Mission

To support businesses refine their internal practices to journey upwards holistically and cyclically; focusing on their diversity and inclusion, fiscal prosperity, their presence at home, and their personal professional lives in a journey of adapting, improving, and growing.

Our aim

  • To be a bridge of support to the non-Latino/Hispanic communities to tap into the diverse communities by reaching and hiring within the Latino/Hispanic communities and those who have been underrepresented across the nation, providing equitable opportunities; increasing quality of life. 
  • To provide organizational support to small businesses, including the Latino/Hispanic communities to journey upwards holistically and cyclically.

Our work is at the intersectionality of vulnerability and a deep commitment to the communities, histories, and long-term struggles to protect the earth; we work by building relationships, trust and serving those who work and respect each other and the land